Human Resources & Business Consulting: Executive-Search, Assessments, Training, Diversity Programs
A modern and efficient leadership culture has a positive and significant influence on the labor environment, teamwork, and talent retention – and with that, the outcome of the company.
This is why we are dedicated to leadership development.
Our expertise on search and selection of leaders allows us to be leadership experts. We develop solutions focused on the need of both individuals and the organization in order to optimize the performances.
"If you want the job done right, hire a professional"
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2nd Leadership Circle Seminar:
“How to lead a meeting with your personnel?”

About Boege & Business

We are a consultancy firm in Mexico. Our know-how and management is of German origin and we offer Human Resources and Business Consulting and Services. For over 10 years we have been specialized, but not limited, to European companies with branches in Mexico already established or in the starting up process. We work in all sectors of the private economy covering the entire country.
Our success is the result of intensive research, company screening, a profound understanding of the philosophy of our customers, and our expertise in leadership and our knowledge of intercultural aspects.
In the Human Resources division we consider ourselves as leadership experts: We Seek, Evaluate and Develop our customers’ leaders according to their requirements and needs.
In the Business Consulting division we advise foreign companies regarding their establishment as an enterprise in Mexico, especially with legal and labor affairs. Additionally we search and select Mexican trading partners for foreign companies individually or in foreign trade missions.
Our Mission is to provide Human Resources services and solutions with the highest quality geared to the needs of our customers and based on our values of transparency, tolerance and commitment in order to develop and promote business efficiency and leadership skills within the companies.
Executives Search and Selection
Boege & Business specializes in search and selection of: Our Strengths:
Evaluation of Executives
Evaluation through Assessment

To evaluate the labor behavioral skills of your personnel we offer an assessment service, an evaluation methodology for executives which can be applied individually or in group. This assessment is performed by management simulations, making it possible to evaluate the candidate in terms of daily and extraordinary situations in the workplace. These simulations include modules which cover the required responsibilities for the position and sets up the executive in situations that demand management and leadership skills.

This evaluation has the following advantages:

Evaluation through feedback
Evaluation of the leadership culture

We design programs to evaluate leadership within an organization in order to strengthen its leadership culture through the implementation of these programs. Our expertise in evaluating leaders’ competencies, our deep understanding of the organization and our creativity allows us to create programs according our client's needs.

Some examples of our services are:

Training for Executives

As the global competition increases between enterprises, the companies need to train their professional talents in order to face new challenges and bear the external pressures of a globalized world.

Diversity Programs

The diversity policy as one of the pillars of a modern Human Resources policy has received a new drive due two new aspects additionally to the traditional ones: Gender Diversity and Nationalities Diversity.

Integral Program for the Development of Executive Women Integral Program for International Assignments
Human Resources Consulting

Additionally we support our customers in any subject related to Human Resources. Below are two services that are frequently requested:

Outplacement or Career Coaching Analysis of Wages

Human Resources Solutions

Executives Search and Selection
We search and select directors, managers, and specialists according to the profile required by the client.
Evaluation of Executives/Assessments
We professionally evaluate the behavioral skills of your executives.
Evaluation of the Leadership Culture We diagnose and design programs to promote leadership culture within organizations.
Training for Executives
We elaborate customized training programs through workshops, coaching or specific moderations.
Diversity Programs
We design programs in the Diversity field, such as: International Assignment and Executive Women
Human Resources Consulting
We offer Career Coaching, Outplacement, Analysis of Wages and more services according to the needs of our customer.
Investment Advisory in Mexico

In the Business Consulting division we advise foreign companies regarding establishing an enterprise in Mexico. Through our network of internal and external experts we support investors from hiring an Interim Director until the start up of the subsidiary, focusing on legal and labor affairs.

Search and Selection of Mexican Trade Partners

The companies screening is not only an essential know – how of search and selection of executives but also an understanding of different business among all sectors, as well as a knowledge of “Who is Who” in the private and public economy which facilitates us to be experts in Search and Selection of Mexican Trade Partners for foreign companies.

The most searched Mexican partners are Representatives, Distributors, Importers, and Partners for a “joint venture”. We attend enterprises individually or as part of foreign trade missions. We organize the entire program of trade missions in Mexico always with a focus on a successful Match-Makin between the companies. Our experience in organizing more than 20 German trade missions in Mexico allows us to guarantee success in the process of building business between Mexico, Germany and other countries.

We are cooperation partners of: BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG INTERNATIONAL
(Society for International Economic and Scientific Cooperation)


Business Consulting Solutions

Investment Advisory in Mexico
We advise foreign investors in legal and human resources affairs.
Search of Mexican Trade Partners
We search and select Mexican trade partners individually and for business missions.


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